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Stray Cat Control

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We do NOT  trap or remove Stray Cats for free. There is a TRAPPING FEE for trapping and removing Stray Cats. Free services are provided by the local animal control. We are a Wildlife Animal Control.

Stray Cats in the city


Stray cat control in Los Angeles is one of the rewarding aspects of being a  trapper in Los Angeles. Sometimes a lost pet is reported to us by a client and in the end we reunite them with their owner. Stray cats can be a nuisance in Los Angeles. Many times digging for food, and getting it. People feel bad for stray cats because they associate them with the many homeless people in the city. The population of stray cats is growing every year!

Stray cat control many times is a task taken on by a group called the feral cat coalition. These people trap neuter and spay cat colonies in neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The only trouble is that they bring the homeless cats back to where they were captured and released them in their familiar surroundings. I don’t agree with this personally. Cats are a non-native species and in areas where the cats are allowed to populate, the native species in the area suffer greatly! Not only do cats eat mice but they also eat rabbits songbirds and anything else that they can get their teeth into. A large number of cats will find their favorite places to lay under bushes, on roofs, etc. and the world is there litter box. If your yard is their favorite place, then your yard is also there litter box, and the odor is terrible.

Los Angeles animal control field operator’s are cat trapping specialists, who will humanely and professionally trap the cats, remove them from the area, and take them to the nearest animal shelter or humane society for their best chance of survival and recovery by owner.


Call us for affordable Stray Cat Control in all cities of Los Angeles!

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