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Snake Removal

There’s plenty of call for a Snake Removal agent in Los Angeles. Especially in the heat of summer as the reptiles try to escape the heat by cooling off in the concrete floor of a garage. Rattle snakes of all different species and size can be found.

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Common Rattle Snake in Southern California


My name is Mike Flick, for Anytime Animal Control, and I would like to explain what it is we can do for you, and why you may have some snake problems on your property, and what you may be able to do for yourself. Los Angeles is crawling with snakes, they are part of the native landscape, and it is a good thing, because they are a great form of natural pest control. Without snakes we would surely be over run with rats, squirrels and mice.

Snakes are also on the menu for several native species of animals in Los Angeles. They will survive becoming dinner by avoiding being seen, so tall grass and bushes is an area where they will travel short distances. Snakes are mainly ambush predators, meaning that they lay on trails used by rats and mice and stay within striking distance of where the animal will be passing. Snakes also hide in wood piles, inside stumps, under shady decks, etc.

Eliminating the areas which resemble good hiding areas, and hunting situations  most likely solve any snake issues you have, and head off any new ones. Keep rodents away by sealing the lower edges of your home, cut bushes within 18 inches of the ground, and cut the grass short. Stop feeding birds, and you will stop feeding mice and rats. That means no snake food in the area, and no need for snake removal. Its as easy as picking up nails in your drive way to avoid a flat tire.

We have several species of Rattle Snake in Los Angeles but I only seem to get calls for removal of a couple, one being the Pacific Rattle Snake. Hes not a big snake, but he packs a punch! With both hemo-toxin and nuro-toxin as weapons, and for hunting prey, our little friend can put a hurting on an unsuspecting person or pet.

Now as for the snake in the garage, he wants to keep his body within 15 degrees of its optimum temperature to be able to digest food properly, or he may die. So in the heat of summer, he tries to cool down. Keeping doors closed will reduce the chances of you needing snake removal in Los Angeles.

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