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Skunk With Babies

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Baby Skunks are now mobile and this is when the problems begin!


Skunk babies in Los Angeles

If you discover you have a skunk with babies living in your yard or under your house, this is not uncommon. Just like any wild animal skunks have a litter of babies every year. Skunks give birth to five or six babies every spring. Skunks come out at night and like to sleep where it’s dark during the day. This is why they like to live under your house or shed. When the mother is ready to give birth she wants her babies to be safe from predators and also keep them dry.

Once the babies can walk they will follow the mother where ever she goes. This is how they learn to find food and what is good to eat. At this stage the babies are aware that they can spray but have trouble controlling their scent glands. The babies aren’t to sure what spraying is for, so they will spray sometimes because they know they can. So if a skunk with babies is living under your house or somewhere in your yard it can get rather stinky.

In the morning when it starts to get light out, the mother skunk will head for home and the babies will follow. Other common places for a skunk with babies is under your deck, garden shed, or your front or back steps. Sometimes but not often you will see a baby wondering around in your yard during the day. This happens because the baby gets curious or something scared it out of the nest. If you walk up on a skunk always remember to stay calm and walk slowly away from it. Sudden movements or loud noises will cause them to to get scared and possibly spray.

Skunks with babies are found living under houses and yards everyday in ALL CITIES of Los Angeles such as, Long beach, Anaheim, Hermosa beach, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. If you discover a skunk family is living on your property give us a call today! Our professionals will catch and relocate your skunk with babies back into their normal habitat outside the city. We are here to help you with this problem seven days a week!

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