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Skunk Under House

You have a Skunk under your house? Of course you do, otherwise why would you be reading this website! My name is Mike Flick with Anytime Animal Control and I’d like to help you get that Skunk out for you, but I’d also like to help you understand why its there, and how we are going to stop that from ever happening again.

Anytime Animal Control


Baby Skunks are now mobile and this is when the problems begin!

Skunks don’t really like being out in the open. They can’t see real well, and they like to be against or under something for protection from predators. Coyotes, fox, and owls are just a few of the skunks enemies who want to invite him to the dinner table… as the main coarse! So mister skunk keeps well hidden and keeps smelling the air for new smells to alert him of danger. While he is in his travels for whatever reason it may be, he will pass houses and use them to stay hidden. Then he picks up a strange odor, it is the smell of your crawl space, and he likes it enough to investigate the screen cover you have on the access point. In doing so he may find that the salty air of the pacific ocean has eaten away at the wire mesh between the skunk and the crawl space, and with a little effort, he is inside! A brand new home for old mister skunk! Close to the grocery store ( Dog food bowls, garbage bags, fallen fruit, etc. ) What more could a skunk ask for right?

Now we need to get the skunk out, because we do this for a living, and we got a request to do so from you about two minutes ago. Upon inspection, the skunk removal professional will decide if we are going to trap the skunk in a humane cage type trap, or use an exclusion type device to let the skunk out, but not back inside the space. Then we can go about skunk proofing the home. This will take some digging, and concrete to ensure that mister skunk wont be under your house ever again, and does cost a little more, but in no time at all, we will have the skunks out, and you should never again have the problem that you have right now. I offer a permanent solution t skunk problems when ever I can… mainly because I don’t want to come back to the same house again. I want people to be happy to see me, and happy to see me leave!

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