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Skunk Removal Silverlake

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<p>Photo: Baby striped skunks</p>

Baby Skunks are now mobile and this is when the problems begin!

Skunk Removal in Silver Lake has to be done slowly and gently. It takes a real animal lover to get in close with certain wildlife in Silver Lake. Being an animal control agent in Los Angeles for the past ten years, I should know!

Skunk Removal is one of those animals. In the wild, they live in holes, under fallen logs, under rocks, whatever keeps the rain off there head when it rains. The little black and white stink monsters can create some problems when they get under your house though. As a matter of fact, they can make living there unbearable. This is a good time to call our Skunk Removal professional in Silver Lake.

Skunks under houses keep my phone ringing all day long. Silver lake is one area that has lots of skunks under houses. For one reason or another, more so than anywhere else than Ive ever worked. I got a feeling that there’s going to be a big outbreak in distemper in Silver Lake. Pretty soon there wont be any skunks there.

If you need help with the skunks living under your house, feel free to call 800-714-8727 and talk to a live Skunk Removal professional. A Skunk Removal professional you can talk to and get answers to all your skunk questions!


We are a private and paid Wildlife Removal company, we DO NOT deal with domestic animal issues. If you are having a dog issue please call your City Animal Control.

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