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Skunk Removal San Diego

Skunk Removal San Diego


We provide affordable Skunk Removal in all cities of San Diego. If you have a skunk issue give us a call today!

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Baby Skunks are now mobile and this is when the problems begin!

We are a private and paid Wildlife Removal company, we DO NOT deal with domestic animal issues. If you are having a dog issue please call your City Animal Control.

Skunk digging for grubs



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  • Skunk Under House :  Skunks live where ever they can, and eat almost anything. They are survivors, and can adapt to a wide variety of living conditions. In San Diego we remove skunks using humane traps, or one way doors. Then we fix the damage the skunk did under the home. Don’t wait call our Skunk Removal professional today before your home becomes unbearable to live in! If you have a Skunk under your house chances are there could be babies living under there.
  • Skunk Under Deck: It could be that the skunk is just staying out of the rain, but it could be that the little guy wants to live under there or has givin birth to 5 or 6 babies which can get rather stinky for the home owner in San Diego. We can get that skunk out and skunk proof the deck for you. Using one way doors in San Diego was pioneered by my company, and is catching on pretty fast!
  • Skunk Odor: If you are smelling skunk inside your home in San Diego,  its time to do something about it! The smell is only going to continue to get worse. Call us ASAP and talk to a Skunk Removal professional and get a free price quote! We are open seven days a week!
  • Dead Skunk: Sometimes a skunk is sick or gets in a fight, or even run over by a car. The injury may not be immediately lethal to the skunk, and he limped off to the safety of your San Diego home before he died. So now we need a Skunk Removal professional to remove the little guy.
  • Skunk Odor Removal: Fear not, our team of skunk experts in San Diego has the equipment and know how to make the home smell sweet again. Removing skunk odor is a science, not just a cover smell. Ask about our negative air machine!
  • We have offices in Rancho Sante Fe, Pacific Beach, Carlsbad and Del Mar.

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