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Skunk Odor Removal

Anytime Animal Control


We are a private and paid Wildlife Removal company, we DO NOT deal with domestic animal issues. If you are having a dog issue please call your City Animal Control.

In Los Angeles, every spring the complaints seem to follow the same pattern. People notice skunk odor in homes about the month of January or February. Then it goes quiet for about a month, and then it goes crazy again for another two months. My name is Mike Flick with Anytime Animal Control, and Im here to explain to you what the order of events were and why this happened to you. Chances are that you found this site looking for help getting the skunk smell out of your home, but I like to help you understand it totally.


Baby Skunks are now mobile and this is when the problems begin!

Skunks in January and February will be in breeding mode. That means girl skunks ready to breed, and males fighting to get the front of the line to schmooze the lady skunk. During the battle, things could get physical, even lethal! So now we have a dead skunk or the remnants of a battle left under your crawlspace of your beautiful L.A. home. Its enough to make your eyes water! Our professionals can remove the skunk and the odor to make your home comfortable again.

Now we have the lul in skunk odor complaints. What I believe is happening is that the skunks are not in breeding mode any longer, and they have no reason to be aggressive. Sure, we get a call every now and then, but those are sick, or wounded or dead skunks.

Probably early May, we start hearing the skunk lines lighting up again. Baby skunks are being born, and the little buggers are born not knowing how to control there scent gland. EWWWW! Half a dozen little stink pots under a single home. Not to worry, we can make the house whole again, and skunk free at that! We will use the most delicate method available and applicable to the situation to get skunks out, and keep the babies with the mother. I have no need to kill a skunk in the effort to correct the problem just yet. Most times my first swing at it makes the home skunk free within 8 hours.

Removing skunk odor begins with removing the skunk. Now that thats all done, we need to get the smell out. We use fans, not sprays, to remove skunk odor. Sprays only linger temporarily, and will not outlast the bad smells, so we wont use them. Fans blow the air molecules out of the crawl space instead of letting them come up through your floor. We use powerful fans, and flexible piping to be sure that the skunky air goes where we want it to.

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