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Raccoon Removal San Diego

 We provide affordable Raccoon Removal in all cities of San Diego. If you are having Raccoon issues in San Diego give us a call today!

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Baby Raccoons are now mobile!

Raccoons are moving into San Diego area for many reasons and the population is growing!. Wild fires, floods, drought and urban development cause these animals to come to the city looking for food, water, and shelter. Breeding season has started and Raccoons have given birth.

  • Raccoon Control

Believe it or not, controlling Raccoons starts with the home owner. I’m about to tell you things you can do to prevent Raccoons from taking interest in your property in San Diego. If you have pets and feed and water them outside, make sure you take the food and water inside at night. Raccoons love to eat pet food and will come back every night to get a bite to eat. Leaving your garbage can uncovered will attract them also. Fish ponds, fruit trees and vegetable gardens are a Raccoons delight! If you have done preventive things to prevent Raccoons from coming into your yard and are still having problems, we can help! Our Raccoon Removal professionals can humanely trap Raccoons in all cities of San Diego. We trap and relocate these animals seven days a week in San Diego county and cities like Ranch Sante Fe, Carlsbad, and Pacific Beach.

  • Raccoon in attic or under house

Raccoons are breaking into attics and living under houses in all cities of San Diego county. In early spring the Raccoons start the mating or breeding process. Once the female Raccoon becomes pregnant she starts looking for places to have her babies. Common places are attics of homes, under your house, or in a hollowed out tree in your yard. The female raccoon picks a place where her babies will be safe from predators and where it is dark and dry. If you have a raccoon living in your attic or under your house call us and talk to a Raccoon Removal professional right away!! Raccoons are very aggressive and strong animals. These animals are very destructive and will tear apart the area they are living in. Not to mention the feces and urine they leave behind. Raccoon feces carries round worm which is dangerous to humans and pets. Our Raccoon Removal professionals in San Diego will humanely remove Raccoons in all cities of San Diego.

  • Attic cleanout and restoration

After the Raccoons have been removed from your attic in San Diego, our company will clean and restore your attic back to new! Our will remove the feces and damaged insulation from the attic and disinfect and deodorize the area. then our professionals will replace the insulation with brand new stuff. We do attic cleanouts seven days a week in San Diego county and cities like Rancho Sante Fe, Carlsbad and Pacific Beach. Give us a call today!

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