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Raccoon Poop

Some people with Raccoons on a porch, or on there roof in Los Angeles have seen that there is poop left behind. Raccoon poop may look like dog droppings, but its whats inside that matters. Raccoon droppings contain the spores from intestinal paracites such as raccoon roundworm. When the droppings dry, the spores can become airborne and become ingested by humans, and pets! Raccoons have not been vaccinated against these worms, and it is prevalant amongst them.

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Baby Raccoons are now mobile and this is when the problems begin!


Raccoons are a little like cats in the fact that they poop and pee in the same place all the time. This is called a raccoon latrine. So, if you are wondering what it is leaving that surprise on your porch every morning, it is most likely a raccoon. But what about the raccoons in your attic? You got it! They are using your attic for an outhouse, and if left alone, the urine will eventually drip through the drywall and make a stain on your ceiling. But that is just the obvious damage. the attic will smell like an old hampster cage, and eventually that odor will permeate into the home.

We remove raccoon poop from roofs, attic space, and anywhere they leave it. We have the equipment to safely contain the droppings and affected insulation removed from your home. We use organic, and earth friendly products to disinfect and deoderize affected areas, and we will encapsulate urine saturated wood which will correct any odor issue.

Raccoon Poop can be identified by theĀ  content, although being omnivores, this may vary. Most raccoons in Los Angeles eat dog or cat food, so it may look similar to that. Gangs of raccoons have members of diferant age and size, so it can be from that of a tootsy roll, to the size of a medium dog dropping. Often eating from palm dates, and bird feeders, the droppings may contain seeds and hulls from the bird food.

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