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Raccoon on Roof

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Baby Raccoons are now mobile!

Raccoons in Los Angeles love to climb and play, sometimes it happens to be your roof the Raccoons wish to play on. Sometimes they are just playing, but sometimes they are investigating for an easy way inside! I have seen plenty of this… mainly because I remove raccoons, and solve raccoon issues for a living. The playful little devils weigh from 25-40 pounds when fully mature, and can cause lots of noise, as well as plenty of damage. But there is no need to be held hostage with raccoons wanting to play on a roof. All we need to do is find out how the animal is getting on the roof, and deny him that. We here know how to keep raccoons off roof areas, so feel free to call.

We are a private Wildlife Removal Company, we are a paid service and we DO NOT rescue injured animals or handle Domestic Animal issues.


Raccoon on a roof in Los Angeles


Raccoons climb trees which are too close to houses to get on a roof. Who can blame them right? There are animals like coyotes and dogs down on the ground, so he wants to be a little more comfortable. Female Raccoons also prefer to have their babies up high such as in your attic!

Raccoons get on roofs by way of the gutter down spouts also sometimes. How they figure it out is beyond my understanding really, and I feel that I understand raccoons better than most.

A rough rock sided home will give the raccoon a good little play ground to climb on, and at that point, we trap these guys humanely, or we recommend you reside the home with something slipperier. If the raccoon cant dig his claws in, he wont get to climb.

Hand rails on homes, or roof lines which come close to decks are an easy way for the masked bandits to gain access to the roof.

Raccoons on roofs can break there way inside the attic, but at the verry least the raccoon will do for sure, is to poop and pee all over the roof. Not a big deal to some, until we look at the fact that they were not de wormed, and probably have the spores of raccoon round worm in there feces. When this is dried, and becomes airborne, it can be ingested by humans, and that’s where the life cycle of a roundworm begins all over again! If you do see the evidence of raccoon feces, call us and have us remove it. We know what we are dealing with.

So in short recap, we can safely say that raccoons only get on roofs because it is possible to do so, and if we take that away, no more raccoons on our roof in Los Angeles. We here know how to keep raccoons off of roofs, so feel free to call us.

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