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Pest Control

Pest control in Los Angeles doesn’t have to involve chemicals! Get rid of Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums, Bees, Bats, Coyotes, Birds and Snakes. We service  All cities in Los Angeles!

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Baby Raccoons and Skunks are now mobile and this is when the problems begin!

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Pest control doesn’t need to involve smelly and dangerous chemicals here in Los Angeles County California! A reliable pest control company has the traps and other devices to get rid of pest animals humanely and quickly.


     Our Pest Control professionals can remove your Raccoons in different humane ways. If you have Raccoons in your attic they will usually have babies up there so if the babies are still small and not mobile we can take care of that two ways. We can do a eviction in which the mother raccoon will move the babies herself or we can trap the mother in a live trap and remove the babies by hand. Then we just relocate the whole family. Either way we do live removal and relocation if possible


    Skunks are pesty animals that often make a home under your house or deck. If this is the case we use a one-way door to get them out. They use the door to go to look for food and when they come back they can’t get back in because the door only opens out. If they are just hanging out in your yard, then we live trap them and relocate them if possible.


      If you have birds that are hanging around making nests in your gutters ect., our pest control professionals can help. Birds are messy and carry mites which can get into your house just like fleas. We do bird removal and prevention. We also do clean up after the birds are gone. To get rid of birds we make their roost uncomfortable without hurting the birds. Once the birds go somewhere else then we clean and disinfect the areas where the birds were perching.


    When you are experiencing bats flying around in your house this usually indicates that you have a infestation of bats in your attic or walls. First thing we need to do is figure out where these pesty animals are getting in by doing a inspection of the outside of your house. Bats leave behind their feces called guano among other evidence. Once we locate those most used areas we install one-way doors to allow bats out but not back in. After the doors are installed, we have to seal up all the exterior cracks on the outside of the house. This has to be done because bats can fit through cracks the size of a match book. Our pest professionals also give a warranty with bat jobs. Bats are stubborn animals and live 30 years or more and will keep trying to get back in. If you find out that you have an attic full of guano and bat urine we can clean and disinfect your attic and replace your old insulation with new stuff so no one would ever know that you had a bat problem.


    Rats are a common problem in warm places like California. Rats can live almost anywhere in your home. You may here them in your ceiling, walls or underneath your floors. They are filthy pests that carry disease and will chew on everything. Our professionals will set lethal traps to catch them until you are rat free. Then the pest guy will seal up the areas where the rats got in from the outside. We use materials that a rat can’t or won’t chew. We also clean up the feces and urine the rats leave behind. We will deodorize and disinfect your home also.

    These are some of the pests we remove. We remove all types of animals, sorry we don’t do insects. Our Pest Control professionals are available seven days a week. If you have a pest that won’t leave or is damaging your property call us today! We service ALL CITIES of Los Angeles including Long Beach and Anaheim.

  We are a private pest control company that has serviced the California area for the last 10 years! We also service Orange and San Diego counties!


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