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Gopher Pest Control

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Grophers will destroy your yard and populate quickly, so don’t wait call now!

Gopher Pest Control Los Angeles can be done with different methods. Mechanical traps to kill Gophers underground, Gopher poisons, and poison gas. Whichever one you choose all are designed to kill the Gophers. This is known as lethal control. Gopher carcasses are left under ground in order to decay so the area smells like it is occupied for any new invaders. This normally deters Gophers coming from other colonies away from your yard. The reason this happens is because Gophers are strictly territorial animals & given off by the dead Gophers will deter them. A Gopher Pest Control Professional knows these facts and knows just how to take care of your Gopher problems.

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Gophers in Los Angeles have been leaving dirt mounds in some very expensive landscape, and people are tired of the damage that the Gophers do. When I get the call for Gopher Control I know already that I’m going to be dealing with a customer who wants to kill the Gophers. So I pull out all my stops and fire for effect so I have a happy customer. I want to safely say to my new client that they have seen their last dirt mound in their yard, and lost their last flower to a Gopher.




Gophers have enemies of course! And natural pest control is always the best way to go. Animal G are often a fix to find homes for orphaned owls in Los Angeles. Providing an Owl box in a tree on your property for the owls to live will bring you years without Rodents as the Owls patrol your property in search of food. This is a service I provide after my traps have done their job. Snakes eat Gophers, but nobody wants snakes on their property. Coyotes eat Gophers, but they bring a danger most people are aware of too. So that pretty much leaves us with some hungry Owls doing what they do so we can have a Gopher free property using natural Gopher Pest Control in Los Angeles.

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