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Bird Control

 In Los Angeles Bird Control is something that you just don’t get up and do. Different laws apply, such as the migratory Bird act. Several species of Birds are protected, others are endangered. I’m here to talk to you about your nuisance Bird problem and what we can do about it.

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Two Birds that come to mind when I talk about Bird Control in Los Angeles are Seagulls and Pigeons. Both Birds are very plentiful in the area and both Birds a nuisance to people in the area. However, Seagulls must be handled differently than Pigeons because of the fact that they are protected under federal law. So now we have to figure out which style of Bird Control is right for our target species. We also must fully understand what the nuisance Birds are doing to become a nuisance. Maybe we don’t have to get rid of Bird, we just have to control what it does. For instance, if Birds are sitting on the lights in the parking lot, and their droppings are getting all over the cars and the store manager is receiving complaints about. That doesn’t mean we have to go after the bird. We have to control where the Bird roosts. There are many different products available for the Bird controller in Los Angeles to get the job done. Bird spikes, mild electric shock strips, decoys, the options are endless. But the field operator in charge of your Bird Control job, will choose and recommend the best option available.

Bird Control Professional in Los Angeles needs to know more than what products are available to him, and how to install them properly. He also needs to know the habit of the birds is targeting in order to make the decision on which products to use. For instance, using a taste deterrent for a Bird species which has no taste buds would be crazy wouldn’t it? Well it turns out that there are several products on the shelves which are taste determinants for Birds, and there are only three Bird species in North America which can taste.

Why do we need Bird Control in Los Angeles? Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but they are also unhealthy distracting. Bird droppings are acidic and can even cause concrete to erode! And that’s just talking about Bird droppings, Birds also carry parasites such as Bird mites.

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