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 Raccoon on roof in Los Angeles

Breeding season is here and Raccoons have given birth. This is the time of year when the damage to homes begins for the citizens of Los Angeles. Females are looking for a place to have their babies. The most common places are in a crawl space or in the attic. They want a nice cool and dark place safe from predators and humans. If you are hearing scratching or loud noises coming from the attic or under your home this is a good time to call a Raccoon Control professional.

Raccoon Control is needed when Raccoons are ruining lawns, eating Koi fish, walking on roofs, nesting in attic, and just plain out of control. Raccoons can be a tough customer, and we as a Raccoon Control company need to be equally tough, and smarter too! But the city animal control is not going to take care of this because they are only trained to deal with dogs and cats. If its on private property, its a private issue, and you should get a private Raccoon Control company. I have offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Long Beach, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Torrance, San Francisco and Orange County. Call us seven days a week for Raccoon Control in your area.


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Raccoons are causing problems in all cities of Los Angeles, so Raccoon Control is becoming  important to the citizens of Los Angeles. Here’s why…

Raccoons eat just about anything. That makes them omnivores. Ill write down a raccoon Menu but it is mainly whatever is close by, and easiest to get Crawfish, fish, mice, rats, eggs, birds, snakes, snails, bats, are all part of the moving meals old man raccoon could go after. Now lets go over the veggie tray shall we? We have plenty of backyard vegetable gardens for the gangs of raccoons to get into. Fences don’t stop them, as they can climb like a monkey. Tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, even beans and squash will do in a pinch. They can clear out your garden in no time. Call us and we can trap and relocate these pesty animals before they destroy your garden or destroy your yard. Our dispatcher Kim will answer any questions you may have and put you in contact with a Raccoon Control professional.

Now lets talk about what that animal is going to eat because it is put there by you or your neighbors. Dog food, cat food, grain left out for bird feeders, tallow left out so winter birds can survive the winter, and sugar water left out for the humming birds. Nothing is safe from a raccoon. Keep any sources of food inside at night because this is what attracts wild animals to your yard. Keeping your pets inside at night is a good idea if you have seen raccoons in your neighborhood. A raccoon can get very aggressive and kill a dog or cat. Keeping your garbage in a tight and secure container will help a lot. If a raccoon is hungry and there is no garden to raid or pet food to eat he will try to get into your trash. We can help with all of your raccoon issues, give us a call today!


  Raccoon in a trap

All we can do is control the environment, and provide raccoon control via. population control. By controlling the raccoons environment, I mean that he is there for a reason. And we need to take away that reason. Controlling a raccoons access to food sources and water sources is taking the keys to the grocery store. Tight fitting lids on garbage cans, controlling raccoons access to bird feeders, and not feeding animals outside after dark is a good start.

Raccoons NEED a water supply too! So we need to control raccoons access to water. Bird baths, swimming pools, Koi Ponds all attract raccoons. Controlling raccoons access to something as large as a pool can be a challenge because of the animals ability to climb, but low voltage electric wire is always an option.

In the event that our raccoon control efforts are of a type where the habitat modification wont work, I have to admit that we are going to have to use population reduction as a method of raccoon control. In this case, we use humane traps in order to get them captured, and where ever possible, we relocate raccoons to an area where he can be a raccoon, without the problems of human intervention. I have to admit, there are more raccoons in the city than in the country. But there’s more opportunity too, same as people. They take what we offer them. Raccoons act like a three year old kid, they like to play in your yard and even on roofs. This behavior is not uncommon. Just give us a call for affordable Raccoon Control. We service ALL CITIES of Los Angeles, Sacramento, Orange county and San Diego.

Raccoon Control is needed when raccoons are ruining lawns, eating Koi fish, walking on roofs, nesting in attic, and just plain out of control. Raccoons can be a tough customer, and we as a raccoon control company need to be equally tough, and smarter too! But the county isn’t going to be taking care of these raccoons. If its on private property, its a private issue, and you should get a private raccoon control company. I have offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Orange county, San Francisco, Long Beach, Anaheim, Torrance and Beverly Hills. We are open seven days a week to assist you in trapping and relocating these pesty animals!

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We are a private Wildlife Removal Company, we are a PAID service and we DO NOT rescue injured animals.

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