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Raccoon Removal

     We provide affordable Raccoon Removal in several different areas. If you are having Raccoon problems in your area give us a call today!

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We provide affordable humane Raccoon Removal!

Areas we service:

  • All cities in Los Angeles county-  323-238-4643

  • All cities in San Diego county-  619-330-5803

  • All cities in Orange County-  949-203-3874

  • Sacramento

  • San Francisco- 415-449-1982

  • Marine county

  • Phoenix, Cave Creek, Mesa, Tempe and Desert Hills – 623-321-3457

  • All cities in Wisconsin

Baby Raccoons are now mobile!

        Raccoons live in several areas all over the united states. If you have seen a Raccoon in your neighborhood or yard this is not uncommon. Raccoons often come to the city because food and water are easy to find. Fires, floods and urban development cause these animals to move to the city.

 Raccoon in a trap


We are a private Wildlife Removal Company, we are a paid service and we DO NOT rescue injured animals or handle Domestic Animal issues.

Raccoon living in my yard

   Breeding season has started and Raccoon’s have given birth. If you discover a Raccoon has been hanging out in your yard this is a common problem. Raccoons are attracted to gardens, ponds, fruit trees, garbage cans without a lid and pet food that is left out everyday. We do Raccoon Removal with humane traps. We do not kill them. We also use another technique which is called a one-way door. Raccoons do well in warmer climates such as California in cities like Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Anaheim and even Beverly Hills. There is plenty of gardens, fruit trees and ponds for them to get a food and water source from.

Raccoon in roof or under the house

      If you have a raccoon living in the roof area such as the attic, this is not uncommon. Female Raccoons will choose different areas to have their babies. Another common area is under your house. The mother raccoon wants an area that is safe from predators and the male raccoon. Male Raccoons will kill the babies so he can breed the female raccoon again. Raccoons are night animals, during the day they sleep so they like it dark where they live. Our company provides Raccoon Removal from your attic, under your house or in your yard. Call our Raccoon Removal professionals today and we will take care of any Raccoon issue you may have! We are open seven days a week!

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