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Attic Sanitation

Attic sanitation is as important as keeping things clean around the house. If you allow sanitation to lag, someone could get sick. You might be wondering how an attic could possibly get dirty right? Raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels,  and rats are five words to ponder. They all love attic spaces of homes to raise there young,  and they all poop and pee all over your insulation. This may not sound so bad, since hardly anyone goes in there attic in the first place, but theres more to it so please follow me for a moment.

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Baby Raccoons are now mobile and this is when the problems begin, so don’t wait call now!

Wildlife Animals are different than dogs and cats, in that  the wild animal has not been de wormed. You may wonder how that would be a concern to you, as it affects the animal. But the eggs of the worms which are called spores, are passed from animal to animal through the digestive tract, and are left behind in the droppings. There the feces will dry, and begin to break down. The spores remain patiently waiting a mild disturbance, to become airborne, or to be carried to a host by another vehicle, such as a rat or even flies. The spores have the ability to stick to a vehicle. The vehicle goes into your living space delivering spores to the new host, where it will start its life cycle. Intestinal parasites such as tapeworm, pinworm, roundworm, ringworm, can all be contracted by humans, through spores left in animal feces.

Symptoms of raccoon roundworm and the rest is the black poop left behind by skunks, raccoons, coyotes, and rats. Black animal poop is showing the presence of blood in the feces, which is why animal poop looks different than human poop. If you find animal dropping in your lawn, you can remove it by using a pooper scooper, and be sure to put it in a plastic bag. Bleach will kill most spores so be sure to clean the pooper scooper afterword with water and antibacterial soap and bleach.

Wildlife control is controling the animal problem, and the problems brought with having it. Skunk control is more than getting rid of a skunk. We also get rid of the skunk odor, and then cleaning up the skunk poop under the house, thereby lessening the risk of the spores affecting humans. Or getting a raccoon or rat or bat infestation out of an attic, and then removing the contaminated insulation, disinfecting the attic, cleaning the wood, and releasing with new insulation. Feces of wildlife can change your life and your health, so an attic inspection with a recomendation to restore attic space to a sanitary condition should be followed. Wildlife removal should always be followed up with an animal damage report.

Signs and symptoms of roundworms, tapeworms, or pinworms, in children or adults may be mild or obvious. In many cases, a person may be less tollarant  than usual and complain that they are not hungry,  or throwing up. Or just the opposite, many children seem incessantly restless and complain that they can’t sleep. Drastically loosing weight, or not being able to gain weight also are key indicators in diagnosing roundworms, as are abdominal discomfort and diarrhea. In some cases, roundworms can be seen in the stool or even in a child’s bed. Depending on the type of worm, blood may be found in the stool, and people may experience coughs, shortness of breath, and hard to breathe, blurry vision, low iron  and swollen glands.

Pest animal control is much more than setting a cage trap and removing a squirrel or raccoon. We modify habitat so your chances of a pest animal is highly unlikely. Yes, we do want to remove the animal from the area, but we also want to close the hole that let the animal inside the home. And who is to say that the next raccoon, bat, squirrel or skunk wont want to do the same thing? We want to make your property less of a home to the next pest animal passing by so he just keeps on looking. We take away food, educate the client on what he or she can do to reduce the chances of ever again needing pest animal control.

Wildlife pest control  is a form of organic pest control because we use no poisions what so ever. We use netting, bird spikes, trapping, or une way doors to get animals off, and out, of buildings. We also use habitat modifications. Such as trimming trees that may have allowed the wildlife to access the area they damaged. Or building a better fence to keep wildlife from entering a property. This doesn’t rule out lethal wildlife pest control. We just save that as the most agressive resolution to wildlife pest control problems.

Ringworm treatment

In the scalp this infection can cause many issues not least of all that it can cause hair loss, something that many people can be embarrassed about. They get small bald patches around the affected area which can then be seen as red in color, becoming crusty  and definately does need the help of a doctor to eliminate all traces of the organism and to make sure that it is prevented from coming back.

Sharing a hair brush or comb will help spread this skin paracite while bedding and public resting places can also result in the infection of ringworm so if you or your child has had or has this condition then you need to thoroughly wash any bedding and discard any combs or brushes that have been used by the person.

Mouse droppings: are different from rat droppings in that they are smaller, thats about it. Bat droppings can be distinguished by the fact that the bat droppings fall apart easily from lack of fiber in the animals diet. There is also a shine to a bat dropping because of bug wings and exoskelitons.

Pest control squirrel traps are usually humane. The pest squirrel has entered your attic in some area and must be controlled. That doesnt mean we need to use squirrel poision, or anything that kills squirrels.Most times we can humanely remove squirrels with one way devices, or humane traps. But as a final option, we will use lethal traps or even shoot squirrels at a property where pest squirrels are damaging property.

Skunk repellant dosent exist. There is no spray to get rid of skunks, but we use humane traps sort of like have a heart traps, but more heavy duty so raccoons dont break them. They are designed to trap raccoons, which are much stronger than a skunk.

Roundworm information : If the roundworm infestation is only a mild one then there will be few visable symptoms. There is the likelyhood of off and on abdominal pain and “flu like” symptoms. Coughing and labored breathing could occur when the roundworm larvae migrates to the lung. Severe roundworm problems can result in vomiting, restlessness, sleep disturbances and blockage of the intestine resulting in terrable stomach pain. The large size of roundworms means that they can actually block the intestinal tract with their bodies.

A worse infestation of roundworms can cause pneumonia. This would happen long before the roundworm larvae get to the intestine and so would be difficult to diagnose. The migration of the roundworm larvae through the blood vessels of the lung can cause bleeding. There can also be a painfull response accompanied by oedema, which is the swelling caused by an excessive retention of serous fluid in muscles. “Ascaris pneumonia” can result, a potentially fatal caused by the accumulation of fluids in the lungs.

Bat repellants, Im not sure who came up with the idea of a sonic noise maker, or flashy lights, or way back when people used moth balls and ammonia, but I use exclusion devices that work. None of the devices i just mentioned do any more than give you high hopes, and a let down at the end of the day. Anything you can get to uproot a colony of bats and get them to leave will have you leaving first. Animals are used to noise and attacks from predators in there roost.


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Attic sanitation is as important as keeping things clean around the house. If you allow sanitation to lag, someone could get sick. You might be wondering how an attic could possibly get dirty right? Raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels,  and rats are five words to ponder. This is a health hazard that needs to be taken seriously! We are here seven days a week to help you with this problem. We service ALL CITIES of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. Call today! 800-714-8727

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