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Skunk Trapper Silverlake

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Baby Skunks are now mobile and this is when the problems start!

Skunk Trapper Silverlake seems to be what people are typing in to find a professional these days. In Silverlake the skunks have pretty much taken over the area. Buildings with screens to ventilate the underside seem to be falling victim to age. The old screens are week, and a rat can chew threw easily, then mister skunk comes along and just makes the hole a little bigger each night until he’s inside. Our professional Skunk Trapper can humanely remove the skunk and fix the area that he entered in! It’s breeding season and now is the time to call our Skunk Trapper before female Skunks have their babies under your home in Silverlake as well as all over Los Angeles!!

If you are reading this, you probably have a need for a skunk trapper. If not, good for you! Now get those screens replaced, before you do!

It doesn’t take long before you notice the Skunky odor coming up threw the floor, and you need a humane trapper to get them out. Give a call at 800-714-8727

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