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Coyote Trapper – Report Sightings – Los Angeles

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Coyote pups are now mobile and this is when the problems start, so don’t wait call now!

We are both coyote experts, and are here to help!

When searching for a coyote expert in Los Angeles, be sure you do your research first! Lots of companies will try to sell a job with a cage trap in an attempt to effectively trap coyotes. Actually, coyotes are not responsive to entering a cage trap. And they can be difficult to trap if a seasioned coyote professional isnt on the job.

Why do coyotes come into the city?

First we must understand a coyotes mentality, and use the natural movements and activities against him. Coyotes are animals of opportunity, and adapt to the surroundings to survive. When fires burn all the native habitat in the wild, they have no choise but to go where the food, water, and shelter is.

What makes a coyote Professional effective?

We cant trap coyotes in a place where there are none. Just because you set a coyote trap doesnt mean a coyote will seek it out and throw himself into it. We need to find indication that the coyote has your property inside his natural route. We need written consent to trap nuisance coyotes, and only you, the property owner can give us that permission. Without it we are poachers. Second of all, we determine the coyote population, and set a proper number of traps, and select coyote lures and baits. It shouldnt be what he is used to smelling all the time for food lures.(Like bringing a ham sandwich to a picnic)

Are Coyotes Dangerous to my Pets?

Yes! Cats are always on the menu for coyotes! Ive seen them go in cat doors after cats and kill them inside homes. They will kill and eat dogs in the back yard, or even on a leash while you walk them, so carry a stick when walking dogs! Pepper spray will fend off a coyote if you are quick on the trigger, so have it in your hand, not in your pocket! Dogs are a prime target durring breading period. They want to eliminate the competition, and want to own the territory by killing all other K-9s.

Do Coyote Fences Work?

We do instal coyote proof barriers which will protect your home and property from coyotes. The fence must be burried underground, and go 7 feet high to assure that a coyote can not jump and grab to pull himself over the fence.

Coyote Trap in Los Angeles

The California Department of Fish and Game is the governing agency which determines the method of coyote traps we can use to defend your home and property. We may use the following.

Coyote Snares: Coyote snares are my favorite coyote trap to use in Los Angeles. The coyotes are used to finding small holes in chain link fences and crawling under. Here is where we place a snare of cable with a locking device so after the animal goes through, it closes on its neck, and cant be loosened. The coyote dies very quickly, and domestic dogs are unharmed because they wont continue pulling when they feel the pressure. Dogs will be waiting patiantly for the owner to return and cut the cable. Ive caught several dogs in snares, and never hurt a single one.

Foot Hold Traps

If there is no fence on the property, we use foot hold traps. We need to be sure that no dogs will respond to the lure, as the coyote trap will cause bruising to there paw, and we are there to protect them, not harm them. so the use of foot hold traps in Los Angeles is restricted to a few select jobs. We use lure that makes the coyotes thing they are being invaded by another pack of coyotes. They will try to mark oner the urine, and gland lures we use.

As far as coyote repellants, there are none. I should say… there are plenty, but none work. Trying to use lion urine, like i herd one trapper talk about, is stupid in my opinion. Trap the coyotes out, and fence the area off properly, and no more worries.


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